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Advanced Multi Racial Personal Colour Analysis

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Colour is the best face lift

How we do it.

You will be emailed instructions how to take your photo, and a list of questions with accompanying choices about your colouring.  I have very accurate tools to analyse your personal colouring using your images and answers.

With your On-Line Personal Colour Analysis you will be able to

  • Select colours which resonate with your natural colouring, unique energy and personality.
  • Make changes to your makeup and hair colour with authenticity.
  • Use your Contrast level and light and dark neutrals for maximum impact.
  • Own more outfits which can be chosen specifically to create your desired impression for any occasion.
  • Using Psychology of Colour.
  • Learn how to use clothing in your wardrobe that aren’t in your swatch without a visual disconnect.

Contact Trish to request specific instructions for your set of images.

What do you receive?

  • Your colours will be analysed from your hair, skin and eyes.
  • You will receive your 50 colour palette by mail.
  • Instructions how to use your colour swatch for all occasions and intentions.
  • A Colour Guide e-book with all your personal colour data.
  • Your Colour Contrast
  • Your Ideal Value
  • Hair Colour Advice
  • How to use your swatch for choosing clothes, accessories, and patterns.
  • How to use your colours for silhouette changes.
  • Your WOW! colours to turn heads.
  • How to choose your eye, lip and face makeup.
  • 20-minute live video walkthrough with Trish.
  • Ongoing support


The Online Personal Colour Analysis $250

Let me show you how to use what you’ve got for where you are, right now, and love your look.

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