Laser Focussed Consultation 

Virtually or Face to Face.

Talk about ANYTHING in my expertise.

There is an endless topic list that we can address in a virtual hook-up for a Quick Fix.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Your Visual Image Appraisal.
  • Interview preparation.
  • How to gain confidence.
  • Assess my wardrobe.
  • Personal Style Assessment.
  • Create Conscious Clothing Choices.
  • How to look 10 years younger – and slimmer.
  • Getting professional.
  • Getting date-ready.
  • Profile and CV Creation.

Or anything Else that will help you feel and look great.

We can trouble shoot with you and do a test run a few minutes beforehand.  I’m here to help.

The benefits of working together virtually

Working together virtually is now more ‘normal’ than ever before and is ideal for any man or woman who wants to refresh their image and outlook at a very affordable investment.

• It’s still me you’re talking to, despite the technology.
• It’s convenient.
• Even if you live in a land far, far away, we are still in the same room.
• You don’t have to drive to see me.
• It Saves you time and money.
• Affordable for everyone.

Or come to my place and we’ll chat over over a coffee on my patio.

For those who want more go here for Menu of Image Services.

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