Trish Keena Body ImageOver time and with varied circumstances our body inevitably changes. 

From a child to a tween, our bodies change, becoming curiously curvier.  Then as we mature and experience weight loss, weight gain, having babies and going through hormonal changes in all phases of our life potentially creates change in our body shape each time.

It’s those events which help form the women we are today, but not all women understand that their body shape is also attributed to their genes.  We tend to forget that.

Any body shape issues have the power to change our perception of ourselves and sometimes undermine our confidence, if we allow it.

We are each gloriously and perfectly made and each shape comes with a set of assets. Self-acceptance is a process.  Beauty is an attitude, but who we are as a person is a much stronger statement.

We lose who we are, if in fact we even really did know at one stage.  We go inward, reflect and ask questions about ourselves.

Our body image can hold us back from experiencing all that we are.

In order to thrive and live the life of our dreams, we need to let go of former versions of ourselves and embrace and celebrate and work with the shape we have now.

So next time you stand in front of a full-length mirror, take the time to get acquainted with how your body looks like right now.

Which part don’t you like?

It’s this part that controls your life.  We say to ourselves,

“I can’t go to the beach because…(filling in the blank)”

or “I can’t wear this because. . . (fill in the blank)”

Do you see what’s happening here?  We then start thinking about how we can avoid putting ourselves in this situation, or how we can spend money ‘fixing it’ and consequently, we are robbing ourselves of our own lives.

 What are your assets?

Understand your flaws but also determine your assets (yes, you have them!), in fact, I’m sure you have at least 4.

Take time to investigate this and figure this out. Do you not feel entitled to ask for something, not worthy to ask for help?  Yet we often have trouble asking for ourselves, but often very happy to ask for someone else.

Our appearance is just the wrapping.  The gift is inside.

There is this horrible little gremlin that sits on your shoulder and tells you that you are not good enough.  You’re too this, or you’re too that. Get into a good head space and banish those notions forever and celebrate your body and the gift you have inside.

What are your values?

Where do you put the line in the sand?  We feel guilty about setting boundaries. We have internal expectations as well which just puts thick layers of guilt on ourselves.

Life throws so much stuff at us that over time we develop a self-sabotaging belief that like “I should. That’s my job!” or “I’m not meeting my expectations, my values.”  Is that your belief?

Most times we are just not equipped for it, until we have to be.  The clothes we wear can be our armour or our reflection.

Don’t spend the money on surgery.  Spend in on buying the right clothes.  When the going gets tough, the tough get shopping or creating bespoke clothing that turn heads for the right reasons.

Are you stuck here?

Why do you feel this way?  Let’s get together for a body image chat or with some friends who also feel this way and find a way to move forward.

As an image consultant, I see you with non-bias eyes and can help you find clothing and accessory styles that will not only flatter your shape but make you smile.

If you have a hard-to-fit body shape, rather than hide yourself, let me show you how to have a unique style to express yourself, find confidence and freedom in your body without dieting or sweating to lose weight.

Learn how you don’t need a new body, you just need a new look and a new relationship with yourself.


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