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At First Glance: 5 Key Style Elements to Make or Break Your WOW Factor

Why is Image So Important?

Imagine how you may feel if you missed out on a golden opportunity because of your Appearance, Behaviour and Communication Skills!!!

You never get a second chance at at first impression.  Make it count and start out how you intend to continue.

What difference can I expect if I have a wardrobe workout?

You can expect to have a whole new way of approaching your clothes. You will be made aware of your colouring, bodyshape, proportions and how to make the most of them! You will see how to put things together differently and to expand on what you have so you can enjoy more compliments.

Does this have a lasting impact?

Yes, once you are shown the secrets of what suits you and why you will never second guess yourself or get it wrong again. You will receive a complete wallet of information with all the important tips and sent digital photographs of all your new looks as a memory jogger.

What are the benefits of having a shopping session?

Shopping with professional guidance will save you time, money and stress.
After your wardrobe consultation you will be made aware of what items are essential, and we will show you what to look for when shopping for yourself and most importantly, what to avoid.

What about the cost?

The less money you have, the more important it is to spend wisely.

In a wardrobe consultation alone, we can save you money by discovering new combinations, altering your clothes or even reinventing them.

We believe that the biggest investment is in knowing what suits you and why.

Why is Image and Personal Development important?

They are Partners in Success. Development and Growth always require change. In my experience, change occurs in many different forms but occurs as a result of either desperation or inspiration. Either way it is a choice. We can choose to start something new and we can also choose to do nothing and pretend change is not required and remain as we are however, as we continue to dislike the effect we continue to feed the cause. The hardest thing is knowing how to POWER START your changes.

Do you offer on-going support?

On going support is provided to empower you to take your business and personal life to the next level. You have discovered your full potential through improvement and management of your attitudes, body language, visual presentation, professional etiquette, communication and people skills.

This is where a transformational coach comes in. Out with the old thinking, in with the new.

With regular coaching sessions we define your goals and vision and keep you on track, helping to provide solutions to any challenges that may arise. We are committed to your success.

How Can You Help Me?

I will listen to you. I will give you Transformation Support, holistically, with the life experiences, Accredited Skills and tools I have gathered we can work together to

  • identify your strengths and challenges and your personal behavioural style
  • develop effective communication with others by developing your understanding of Human Behaviour
  • help you develop a relationship with YOURSELF
  • develop your confidence and a healthy BODY IMAGE
  • teach you to talk so people listen!
  • develop trust and intimacy with your special others to enrich your relationship

Where to from here?

If you would like to enhance your personal and professional relationships and your life, a personal chat might just work for you.