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At First Glance: 5 Key Style Elements to Make or Break Your WOW Factor

Clever capsules of go-anywhere ready outfits are often a challenge for most men and women until they discover a few simple secrets about wardrobe management.

If your wardrobe is more cluttered than it is clever, creating clothing capsules is a clever and easy way to build a go-anywhere cluster for every purpose.  If you are uninspired and dread facing getting dressed day after day, reaching for the same clothes you always have done, once you have the idea how clusters work you’ll be able to plan your wardrobe around them and give yourself tons of options.

It’s easy for our wardrobes to get out of hand, disorganized and out of season before we know it. We all seem to get very busy with our lives, looking after other people, going to work, running our businesses, minding and spending time with children or grandchildren, entertaining, taking care of the home. Your whole experience of life has been flipped.

Instead of asking yourself “what am I going to wear today?”, ask yourself, “What am I doing today?”

A great acronym to use is TOP. T for Time of the day, O for Occasion, and P for the People you are meeting. These questions are the launch pads for a different trajectory and requires a new way of looking at your wardrobe, and your life.

Create Clever Capsules to Simplify Your Life

Go anywhere wardrobeYou can’t manage what you can’t measure, so take the time to find all your clothing clusters you presently have in your wardrobe, make a list of them or photograph them, which is my preferred system. Then it’s  easy to put them into a collage and rearrange them so you can see the display more clearly of your inventory.

Using the 4 x 4 rule for a clothing capsule simplifies your life. You can do a lot with 4 capsules of classics.  Base your wardrobe around 4 colours that work for you. They may be your “black” (your black may be navy, chocolate brown, deep green or dark aubergine or even white), your choice of contrast colour, choice of neutral and accent colour. These colours should take you from one season to another, and those changes in colour of seasons you see in the stores are just marketing tools to trap you and entice you into buying more.

Your go anywhere-ready clever capsules are your evergreen items which can mix and match together and there definitely is a case for Classics during a pandemic like Covid19 or any other situation which requires simplicity and a system.

Clever capsules or Classics are much more sustainable:  they are less throw away, more wash and wear, and are the staples of your wardrobe. You can dress them up or dress them down depending on the times of the day, the occasion and the people you are meeting. 

Know your best personal knockout colours, know your best styles for your body shape, learn how to mix and match them for the occasion, the people you are meeting, and the best fabrics for your body type and silhouette. When you understand these, you will invest wisely in pieces that will flatter you and express your intention and personality and make a statement about who you are.

The rule of 4 x 4 keeps you current, refreshed, revitalized and renewed. It will be a wardrobe of clever capsule that never ends, just is refreshed with authenticity from season to season with limited room for errors and expensive mistakes, unwanted orphans and misfits.

Do you need another piece, or do you need another colour? No, but you need to be happy with the clothes you have, love them and love wearing them, and they will love you back. They are your most intimate environment and will either support you or sabotage you.

If you are feeling a bit low, dress for your emotion and use a pick-me-up colour, add a brighter or deeper lipstick. There is no need to blend into the crowd.

Experiment how to wear it, how to dress up or dress down, just with a change of one or two items. Just by changing a pair of shoes from flats to heels at 6 pm changes the whole mood of the outfit, for the Time, Occasion and the People you are mingling with.

When is the best time to create your clever capsules?


And every change of season and every day your wardrobe is Go Anywhere Ready.

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