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At First Glance: 5 Key Style Elements to Make or Break Your WOW Factor


It is reasonable to believe that people wear black more regularly because of its availability and is easy to match with any other colour. Therefore the world of fashion continues to create black more readily because people are buying it. Black is said to be the monarch of the fashion world and in some cities, it seems that women know no other colour. There is an over-abundance of black clothing almost everywhere you look.

You can wear black_Trish KeenaWhile it is true that wearing black appeals to most women because it goes with everything and is readily available, few women can wear it well and lean too heavily on it’s no-brainer versatility and forget the benefits that can be gained from wearing colour.

Within the difficult and fickle world of fashion it is hard enough to come up with a group of styles that women will buy. To further confuse the consumer’s decision process by offering a wide choice of colour only makes for less profit, to wear black is one way to solve their dilemma.

So, how do you wear black if it’s not one of your best colours?

For those who do not have black in their colour swatch making it an easy match with their wardrobe– and only a very limited number do – here are a few simple strategies for the implementation of black into your wardrobe, if you have garments which fit you correctly and have all the other ticks of approval.

Black, although a non-colour, when worn by men in formal attire is the colour of power, drama and authority. It has a psychological effect of dominance, strength and even looking ominous.  To lessen this serious prestigious affect, all shades lighter through charcoal, greys, from darkest to lightest are more influential for a more relaxed effect.

Many women wear black to the exclusion of all else, particularly in business.  For women to have the appearance of authority and standing, black supports this affect.  This is obvious when we look around our environment, our workplace, social events and networking events.

In moderate quantities, black is a great basic colour with many coordinated options. Black is a receding colour, and has a slimming effect when not silhouetted by a bright or light background. It coordinates with all colours, but not in every personal colouring.

When coordinated with bright, jewel-toned lighter colours such as shades of blue, green and red, black can make those colours really stand out. Try to co-ordinate black with a bright colour or bright/sparking/shiny jewelry on your head, neck or shoulders a buffer. Some dark-haired Warm undertones may look good in a black top which has gold threads running through it or team it a medium toned colour next to your face or if the fabric is shiny.

How blondes wear blackFor many Cool and Light colour features always wear a soft shade near your face to counteract black’s harsh effect. Further soften the effect by wearing silver jewelry or pearls.

Show plenty of skin. A black dress is easiest to pull off if you expose your arms and have a medium to low neckline. The more you cover-up the more that black will impact your total appearance.

A better option is to wear it away from your face. The lower the neckline the easier black will be to wear.

Worn under the waist in skirts, pants and shorts it will be fine if you have tops, tunics and jackets which coordinate with it.

Wear bolder/brighter make-up. This will probably only work for some and others may find that bold/bright makeup often looks just as harsh as the colour black. A good alternative is to brighten your lips (not your eyelids). Also add well-applied and colour appropriate eyeliner to your eyes and mascara to your eyelashes to give your eyes added definition.

Those with a heavily lined face should avoid black above the bustline.  Colour is the cheapest face lift in town and for women in their Second Act, to wear black, or any other very dark colour, will throw shadow into the lines on your face, making them more noticeable.

The Best Option how to Wear Black: Everyone has their own black!.

For many men and women, black is not meant to be part of their basic wardrobe.  For most of us, our black is navy, olive, dark green, dark blue or chocolate brown or even white, especially as we age.

Need help with defining your personal black so you don’t have to worry about how to wear black at all?  Learn how your Personal Colour Analysis will give you a more comprehensive understanding of how to look as if you know where you are going and presenting yourself authentically. You will never need to ask for a second opinion again. Ever!

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