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When is the right time to use a wardrobe clutter buster?

There is never a wrong time to de-clutter.

NOW! is a superb time to use a wardrobe clutter buster or at the beginning of a New Year or a new season. 

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions.  It just doesn’t work for me as well as it might for others.  But what does work and is easier to commit to is creating a theme for the year, month, week or even day.

Let clutter goThis year my theme is CHANGE.  It’s the perfect time to Let it Go. The first step to change is accepting your reality right now. Life is full of unexpected events, and we can get bogged down in holding on to old beliefs that no longer serve us.  Change is inevitable, and when you give yourself the space to grow, magic happens.

When you get rid of clutter in all areas of your life, you create a vacuum, and a vacuum sucks new stuff in.  Clutter could be anything that no longer works to your advantage, is toxic to you in some way, or has old and stale energy in the form of belongings or beliefs.

Bless them and release them.

You need to make room in all areas of your home, your time and your activities to allow that new stuff to come in.  Sometimes you have to take a good long look at your life and sometimes even your friends and acquaintances and make some decisions about what you are NOT taking with you into your new year.  What are you finished with that has no place in your present or future?  Now is the time to detox! Bless them and release them.

But today, the focus is on your most intimate environment, your wardrobe.

You may be one of those people I admire so much who are super organised and have the process running like clockwork.  But if you have a wardrobe which is packed in so tight you can’t remember what is stuffed in the back corners?  Here’s a formula for Culling.  You are making Room. Detoxing. You are eliminating Chaos and Disabling Dysfunction. Here is a simple wardrobe clutter buster system that has worked for me.

New Year Kick off with a Wardrobe Clutter Buster

Reason Goes in TUB to
1.    It doesn’t fit anymore unless it can be altered/repaired or recycled. DONATE/SELL
2.    Needs repairing/altering. REPAIR TUB
3.    Out of fashion. Dated. Can it be restyled? FURTHER ANALYSIS  or DONATE/SELL
4.    Do you love it? Yes, it ticks all the boxes, it fits and can be combined with at least one other item. KEEP/RE-HANG
5.    Is it worn out, stained, damaged beyond repair? RAG BAG
6.    Does it make me feel confident? No, but don’t know why. FURTHER ANALYSIS
7.    Can it be altered or repaired? If it’s well-made, good quality fabric, yes. REPAIR TUB
8.    Is it an orphan?  But I love it. ORPHAN TUB

NOTE:  Anything for Further Analysis, Repair and Orphans will play an integral part in getting the best overall wardrobe revamp results when being assessed beside your Keep and Rehang items.  For best results, it is highly recommended you have a personal body signature assessment, personality style, functionality and lifestyle needs assessment by an experienced stylist or image consultant.

Everything you want to be assessed should be clean, sorted and ready for your image consultant’s visit.

Are you ready for change?  If you are the type to “hang on” to stuff and find the process of auditing a bit challenging, an image consultant/stylist will be an objective and practical auditor of your wardrobe contents and complete this process with you.

Are you willing to let go?  Let’s have a chat and see how I can help.

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