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Healthy Ageing and Living Well

with Stem Cell Nutrition

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Have you ever wondered:

  • Why do our bodies age and break down?
  • How to reach an unmatched level of wellness both inside and out.
  • How to slow down the ageing process?
  • What repairs the body?
  • How the immune system is so vital to our health and protecting our body?

Today, we are living longer than ever!

Do you suffer from joint pain, arthritis, fatigue, depression, sleeping problems or eye problems?

Is your recovery slow from an accident or illness or any degenerative illness? Or do you just want to maintain optimum health and not age in the typical way?

These added years create endless opportunities for you to do more with your life in your 2nd Act, but all this depends heavily on one factor:

The more stem cells migrating around your body, the better the quality of life.

    Dressing authentically


    Did you know you have a population of stem cells in your bone marrow that contain your DNA but are blank cells? ‘

    They can turn into any cell in your body that your body needs by way of repairing any tissue in your body that is worn, tired, damaged, diseased or dysfunctional, but pretty much any reason.

    But by age 65, only 5% to 10% of adult stem cells are released from the bone marrow, even if we are healthy.

    There is a non-invasive option to stimulate your adult stem cells for repair and rejuvenation.


    Did you know there is a non-invasive option available right now for purchase to stimulate your adult stem cells that vastly increases the circulating stem cells in your circulatory system for repair and rejuvenation?  Isn’t that amazing?

    All symptoms that your body can have, like fatigue, depression, sleeping problems, slow recovery from an accident, illness or any degenerative disease, come down to inflammation which is the precursor for all diseases. 

    Your body’s intelligence then directs those stem cells to EVERY part of the body and every organ that needs regeneration even if you don’t feel discomfort or pain, not just the areas that are obviously in distress and in need of repair.

    With this product, not only is it safe, affordable easy to take and effective, it has been available in Australia for over 10 years.


    • The more stem cells you have in your bloodstream the healthier you are.
    • You always make stem cells, but the ability to move from the bone marrow decreases with age, by the age of 65 decreases by 90% even if we are healthy.


    If you wish to try the products ask Trish how to access them in the most economical way.

    Suppose you feel your body is on fire or inflamed anywhere. In that case, there is also a natural alternative to reduce inflammation followed by repairing and replacing damaged cells backed by Science and inspired by Nature.

    Not only that there is a whole suite of biotech products for whole body health and skin health.


    I invite you to heart-to-heart with me first so I can answer all your questions and find out what you might need for the most economical price.

    These products may not be for you, but I believe they will improve your quality of life and your health depending on your symptoms.

    Please ask me for the vast list of achievements to demonstrate these results.

    I will assist you in making the most efficient and optimal choice for your budget and situation.

    You can see more in my Flipping ebook “Your Solutions” – without obligation.

    Read all about the individual products and select the solution that is right for you.

    All products carry a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Go here to watch the 5-minute Your First Responders Video to reveal how Cerule products work together to optimise your body’s self-healing mechanism, without spending a fortune!

    You have nothing to lose by receiving information, and everything to gain. 

    You can read all the scientific studies here.

    Please send me a message in the contact box below or go here to ask for a short consultation and more information so you can make an informed decision for your optimal health and happiness and start optimising your health with this incredible offer to make a difference to your health.

    My Healthy Ageing

    Statistically, I should not be this healthy. 

    When I was introduced by my naturopath, Linda Hoggard to the concept of stem cell nutrition (SCN) over 15 years ago I was immediately eager to get on this journey.

    It immediately made sense to me and it was an easy decision.  I have seen a lot of products and services that have come and gone over the years, but this was different. Since that time, I have used Stem Cell Nutrition daily, and this is why.

    Due to a near-fatal horse accident in 1987, I have no spleen. As a consequence, I am (theoretically) prone to fatigue, infections, pneumonia, and a challenged immune system.

    Other organs and my bone marrow have all pitched in to take up the slack, but they have needed support especially as I age, which is why I love this natural stem cell nutrition range.

    As I age in year numbers, I am more and more aware of how vulnerable ageing can be. I’m mindful that I must keep everything else operating efficiently, especially now that I’m 70.  I’m maintaining optimum health and not ageing in the typical way which is constantly challenging for many people.

    I am grateful and blessed I am taking no medications of any kind.  Although I have been diagnosed with tendonitis and osteoarthritis in my hip, I  now move freely and without pain.   I also can’t remember when I last had even a cold. SCN is a complete body nutrition system and my recovery from any injuries or strenuous activity is as if I was 30 years younger.

    I had a diagnosis of Hashimotos (thyroid auto-immune disease) in my 50s but is not presenting as a problem in any way.  I’ve never taken any medication for it, and never will.

    In the past, I’ve had fatty liver (inflammation) and now my inflammatory markers are way down,

    I enjoy life.

    The body is amazing, if we just give it a chance and support it. We can slow down the ageing process and take our lives back. Defying age isn’t an issue for me now, psychologically and physically.

    I feel as if I am defying the premature ageing I was heading for before I discovered this amazing range of natural superfoods developed by this biotech company.

    But don’t take my word for it. That’s just my story.

    Please send me a message in the contact box below or go here to ask for a short consultation and more information so you can make an informed decision for your own optimal health and happiness. 

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