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Your Personal Presence is a valuable tool in influencing people to say “Yes” to you.

Simplify your life and promote your most visual asset – YOU

Are you sick or wasting money on clothes you don’t like or wear?
Are you bored with your look?
Do you want to look younger or slimmer?
Are you moving on from a relationship?
Are you seeking Career Advancement?
Do you want to join the Dating Game?

If you answered YES to any of the above you may want to consider strengthening your image.

For those who require more in-depth image coaching why not combine two or more services for a more rounded transformation.

Let’s talk and find out how I can make that happen for you.

Mens Image Consultant Services


Take all the guess work out of colour coordination.  When buying suits, shirts and accessories, you will know how to combine your perfect metal, colour of frames and precious and semi-precious stones.  Read more

Discover which styles are harmonious with your body type and shape, and how to dress for any occasion, look healthier, feel better and be more influential.

You will save time and money and shopping will be a cinch.


Home Visit – Invite me into your wardrobe. Or Virtual Wardrobe Consultation is also available via Zoom.  Read more.


Trish will teach you to shop, how to get correct fit, and how to coordinate your wardrobe pieces to “get the look” you’re after. Or she could just research on line for you or do it for you.

Are you are a cross-roads somewhere in your life or your career?

You may just need to explore other options and a fresh approach can be found by talking it over.  See how a personal chat might just work for you.