Wardrobe Workout

De-cluttering is the New Shopping – Save $$$

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Does your wardrobe look like a jumble sale and not your most intimate environment?

Is it bursting at the seams, gathering toxic relics of the past with ill-fitting, non-functional clothes and accessories?

Losing weight?  There is no need to wait until you’ve reached your goal weight.  Let me show you how to use create outfits with the clothes you have and how to bring in ‘bridging’ items for versatility and flexibility.

During this de-cluttering process, we can sort your clothes and accessories into keepers, op-shoppers, for sale, or discard or gift-away, according to fit, colour, life-style, condition, surplus numbers, purpose and style and “what was I thinking?”

Maximise Your Style and Create Amazing Outfits.

Now you’re super organised and have completed your de-cluttering and re-organising.

Before you rush out and panic buy or head for the sales, my expertise will save you heaps of money and time.

It’s time to assess the clothes you already have to see if you are getting value out of your wardrobe.

I will show you how to:

• mix-n-match with “fresh eyes”.

• identify orphans and need a partner to fill the gaps.

• discover hidden treasures you already have.

• discover how to introduce new colour and styles to create new energy.

• learn the strategies for creating a wardrobe of clothes you will love.

• create a “Shopping Wish List” with a Gap Analysis and Plan.

Having your wardrobe whispered annually or bi-annually will take all the guess work out of what to wear and will keep you on track for the future development of your trans-seasonal wardrobe.

Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

If you are feeling like your clothes are out of date, you want to lose the nice guy image and get an edgier look, or just get organised from floor to ceiling to ensure that every thing is where you can find it at a glance, it may be time to have a wardrobe workout.

Why We Lose Our Way

• We are influenced by the likes and dislikes of our parents, friends or partners.

• We are not taught about body shape, the dynamics of line and design.

• Fashion is constantly changing, telling us one thing and then another.

• We age and wonder if it’s still OK to dress in the same styles as we used to.

• Our body changes shape four times over our lifetime.

• We lose and gain weight.

• We are all busier with each passing year and as a result have less time to shop.

• Our lifestyle and values change.

• We experience changes in our financial position.

• We can develop unreasonable expectations about what we could/should look like.

Home Visit – Invite me into your wardrobe.

Or Virtual Wardrobe Consultation is also available via Zoom or Skype.

Your Investment $250 to $397  Allow 3 – 5 hours depending on size.

Bonus Photographic Log of all your Clothing Capsules and New Outfit Combinations.

Includes Complimentary Personality and Essence Consultation so I can get to know you and your personal fashion desires.

It is recommended you already have completed your personal Colours and Style Portfolio as they will provide the long –term solution for those who are chronically frustrated with their current wardrobe.

Don’t allow your clothes to misrepresent you at the expense of your opportunities.

Dress the way you are going, not where you are. Create an amazing wardrobe full of clothes so you never have to apologise for your appearance.