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Advanced Multi-Racial Colour Analysis

Colour is the best face lift


Wearing colours which conflict with your natural colouring will be unflattering or will make you look older, ill, and exhausted.  When you have your personal colour analysis, you will be amazed how good you will feel when you start wearing colours which will flatter you.

You are draped and analysed to identify

  • Your Knock-out Colours, and “your” Black.
  • best 50 colours for all your core outfits, shirts, pants, jackets, dresses, jewellery and accessories.
  • best neutrals specific to your colouring for versatility and enhancement.
  • how to combine colours that are most flattering for you and your personality.
  • Wearing Contrast
  • Colour Coordination and colour illusions.
  • how to break the rules and wear any colour you love but is not in your palette, including black.
  • Consultation notes on how to use colour in all areas of your life,
  • Your best reds.
  • Colour Personality
  • Accessory Recommendations
  • Changing Hair Colour Recommendations


People are drawn to other people who look happy, healthy, vibrant and who project a confident, positive image.

Colour affects mood, apparent body shape, perceived age, your outlook on life, and your overall impression on others.

If you had a Colour Analysis perhaps 5 years ago or even more, what happened next?

Maybe you loved your colours, and you still love them and can wear them with confidence. Congratulations!

But if you haven’t felt aligned with your palette as your hair colour is softening and greying making it more and more difficult to coordinate your clothes and feel energised it may now be time for a colour refresh.

Maybe you’ve not felt your colours reflect your personality or you’ve never had your colours analysed and you’ve just stuck to a few favourite but limited colours.

Or you’re considering going grey or changing your hair colour, an updated colour analysis and a complimentary revised beauty and makeup colour consultation will get you back on track.

If this is you, to ensure you are on the right track, why not book a colour analysis today?

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Groups of 2-10 for $200 per person.

Bonus Offer:  Combine with a  beauty consultation  for a PACKAGE PRICE:  $350 (save $35)  

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Group Colour Clinic – invite your friends for a Girl’s Night In.

Can’t make it in person for a colour analysis?

Yes, we can do it online.  Read how here.