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Who would a makeover be ideal for?

  • Your Red Carpet Day.
  • Mother of the bride or groom.
  • Re-entering the work force.
  • Starting a new career.
  • Needing a “pick-me-up” after an illness.
  • Body shape changes, weight gain or weight loss.
  • Starting a new business.
  • Same Body New Look
  • During or beyond divorce.
  • Looking for a new love.
  • Look younger and Slimmer

Discover the steps to a totally healthy wardrobe, re-discovering along the way your true identity and your unique beauty.

Learn how to develop your own individual authentic style. Gain skills for life and enjoy total confidence in dressing your authenticity and never have to ask for a second opinion again.

Makeovers are face to face and some aspects are doable virtually by Skype or Zoom. Each makeover comes with a 3 month Follow up Q and A may by Phone, Skype or Zoom.

Makeovers are also customisable by selecting a combination any of the services

Request a quote below in the contact box, or Select from the Options of below.


Colour Analysis and Beauty Consult.

Hair Colour + Hair Style Consult.

Skin Analysis + Facial.

Your Investment: $460

(Value $510)

($135 redeemable on beauty and skin products.)

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Style Consultation.

Colour Analysis + Makeup application

Your investment: $555

(Value $620)

($75 redeemable on product)

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Wardrobe Audit + Review

Creating Outfits + Wishlist

Shopping Savvy 101 Lesson.

Your Investment: $495

(Value $547).

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Personal Style

Colour  + Beauty + Skin Analysis

Mini Facial

($135 Redeemable on Product)

Wardrobe + Shopping Savvy 101.

Your Investment: $1190

(Value $1302).

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Considering a makeover as a gift for a loved one or yourself?

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