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At First Glance: 5 Key Style Elements to Make or Break Your WOW Factor

Change Your Mood? Abso-bloomin’-lutely.

change your mood with your clothesWhen you lift the lid on your essence and bring out your light from under the covers, you will discover how to fill up every cup in every mode you’re in.  You can change your mood just by changing your clothes.

Your clothes and your personal style speak louder than words. What do you want them to say about you? Are they a true representation of your personality, your essence and your purpose?

Our wardrobes are influenced by our experiences and the people around us.

It is well documented that you are more influenced on a daily basis by the people with whom you associate.  That is, I believe, a true and correct statement.

I would even hasten to add, also by your environment and even the colour, shapes and the ever changing expressions of your garden.

Life is full of experiences, events and emotions. Most times we are just not equipped for it, especially when we are ‘surprised’ by a life-changing event. We’ve all had them, haven’t we?

Our workplace, our families of origin, our current families, our circle of friends and acquaintances, all present potential sources of joy, contentment, and unfortunately, toxicity and abuse. Overtime those experiences and emotions have taught us how to dress, and who’s style and the colours they wear have we subliminally copied and are woven into our wardrobes?

Change your mood? How does happen by what we put on our backs?

Various colour combinations, intensities and values create different moods.

Using your personal colour palette, if you wish to appear:

Positive, cheerful or stimulating: wear mainly light to medium colour with a dark contrast (warm colours are the most effective) e.g. a lime suit with a leopard scarf.

Strong, commanding and powerful: wear dark colours with an item or feature of high contrast (dark/bright combinations):

Professional and Friendly: wear medium to medium dark colours with a medium contrast (dark/light combinations).

Dignified and Formal: wear medium dark to very dark colours and a small percentage of a light colour.

Feminine, gentle and quiet: wear medium to light, muted colours with little to no contrast.

Elegant: wear rich velvety colours with little to no contrast.

Formal: wear dark colours.

Fashion cycles often have a definite mood and colour theme.

Mood can also be created by the use of texture eg soft and smooth fabrics are often seen as romantic, where as black leather initiates thoughts of bikie gangs and daredevil behaviour.

Our appearance is just the wrapping. We can be taught about the rules of dressing for our shape, our age, our colouring, our height, our size or for the career we are seeking or what we believe we only deserve.
But do we dress ourselves authentically and with total freedom to be who we really are?

If you would like to explore your inner world and how you express it, you may find it confirming or enlightening.

I’m here to guide you on your discovery tour.

Now you know you can change your mood by the clothes you wear, did you know you can also change your mood and your feelings by the colours and shapes in your intimate environments?

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