Rhondda Shaw

Thank you, Trish, fabulous Wardrobe Whisperer, for a wardrobe review and assist with declutter as I learned more about my colours and style suggesting outfit ideas I had not thought of before while using my existing wardrobe, that works for my lifestyle.

I am feeling inspired and I appreciate your recommended suggestions and have purchased new coloured lingerie and feel excited when deciding what to wear. 

I have also followed up restyling and colour for the bedroom and purchased suggestions, such as red curtains and cushions and lamps on bed side tables, bringing in balanced energy.

Much gratitude Rhondda

Esma writes

I can only write from the heart. I hope my contribution will hit the solar plexus of every woman or man out there wanting to draw from your fountain of wisdom gained by your experience in life. You are certainly making lemonade from the lemon that has been dealt for you in life. I can say it is jolly good lemonade and I have been privileged to sample some of it. It has provided me with a rejuvenating elixir to savour and enjoy in the twilight years of my life.

Yes, I am one of those matured woman who in retirement has lost her mojo! Granted, when I did ask my dad once if I had any sex appeal he gave me the honest answer, “Yes my girl, you do have sex appeal, but not for all men!!!” But alas, I felt that I had been skimmed over with a piece of rough sandpaper and my personal confidence and charisma had taken a blow and the sex appeal would not even stretch at all.

Here comes Trish, a highly intelligent woman infused with an EQ that smooths the rough patches with unquestionable professionalism, diplomacy and sensitivity. Her experience and enthusiasm made her perfectly suited for my mojo revamp.  I have put all the knowledge I have gained to practice and yes the compliments are rolling in. Needless to say the sex appeal has been brushed with Trish’s magic wand and I have a talisman of knowledge gained to keep and treasure to boost my confidence.

Esma van Schalkwyk, Valdora