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Colour and Image Consultant for Hard-to-Fit Body Shapes, Personal Branding and Rocking Your Look in your 2nd Act.
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Hi beautiful people, I’m Trish.

I’m here to help you find your authentic individual style and fast-track your confidence and success in your Feisty 50’s, Saucy 60’s, Sensuous 70’s or Audacious 80’s.  I would love to show you how a few key changes in your personal styling and how you ‘show up’ can change your life no matter your age, shape or height.

I’m based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast however distance is no longer a barrier.  I can consult with you in person, or virtually with the magic of Zoom or  Skype we can achieve anything, anywhere.

New Job or starting a business?

Romantic possibilities?

Want to Look 10 Years Younger?

Or just bored with your look?

Whatever the decade you have been blessed to reach, there are trend elements you can adopt or adapt to suit your age, weight, shape and desire for comfort to keep you looking stylish and on-trend.

As an image consultant and stylist in my 60s, I understand the challenges you may face as you age, and I know it’s easy to get lost along the way.  I’ll show you how to find your way again and feel more vital, vibrant and visible.

Dress your body shape

Would you love to save time, money and the frustration of making the right style choices?

Shopping on-line or in-store should be a joy for women not a chore but that can only happen when you know:

✔️ what suits you,
✔️ what you’re looking for,
✔️ how garments should fit and
✔️ how to coordinate items into fabulous outfits.

Eliminate Those Expensive Shopping Mistakes.

But I know a personal consultation is not possible for every woman, so I have the next very best thing for you – an online personal stylist. 

Never again be caught out looking or feeling less than your best.

Receive a $40 discount when you combine this with any other of my services.


Timeless beauty

Do you know how to take 10 years off your age? 

Learn how easy it really is for eye-popping beauty, to look younger and more confident, even if you don’t know how to apply makeup or are scared of making a mistake.

Almost everyone needs a few makeup steps to give you a polished look without looking over made-up but still looking fresh at the end of the day. Trish will teach you the most important benefits and steps to getting a “natural look” which takes years off your age and remains authentic.

Would a private beauty lesson appeal to you?

customised clothing

Do you have a hard-to-fit body shape?

Are you frustrated with adjusting patterns to find they still don’t fit?

Would you LOVE to create your own clothes with PERFECT fit, that no one else is wearing?

I have great news!

No More Frumpy Frocks!

There is an answer literally right at your own fingertips. If you have a sewing machine and can find your way around the basics, you can create your own amazing wardrobe.  Want to know more?  Book your place for a mystery-busting demonstration.

Gift Certificate

Do You Have Something Special to Say?

How better to say it than with a Pamper of Choice gift from YOU.

Take the guess work out of the equation and give a gift voucher.

See the suggestions here how to gift a specific image service or as an Open Gift so your loved one can choose how to redeem it.

It’s Easy Peasy!

Colour Interiors

Thinking of redecorating?

Is it time to give your home or favourite spaces a new look, but you shudder at the cost?

Forget spending lots of dollars on interior designers, books and magazines and hours searching for the right choices.

Whether you’re staging a house for sale or just wanting a refresh and a whole new look and feel for your home, you can have the look of your dreams – without the HUGE price tage.

If you know how!

Let’s have a conversation and see if working with me is right for you.

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