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Trish is trained to help you look your very best and can teach you style and dressing skills you haven’t yet thought of.  Together, we can revamp your style, reboot your wardrobe and hone your shopping skills so you stop spending money on clothes you won’t wear.  

Start buying what you love, and loving what you wear.


Would you love to save time, frustration, money and the stress of making the right personal style choices?

Are you struggling with finding clothes that flatter and actually fit you?

Would you love to be able to choose stylish clothes at a glance that you feel belong to you, and not someone else?

No matter what style or dressing issues you have they can be overcome. But first, you need to know what suits you and then you can work around the isseus you have.

Knowing your Personal Style Formula is a powerful boost to your ability to exert influence and attract success and is instrumental in conveying confidence and a powerful first impression in any situation.

When you calculate the $ value of the clothes you don’t wear and ask yourself why, now may be a good time to have a personal style review, save time and money and stop spending money on clothes you don’t need or wear.

Because we’re all different !

Why Every Woman Loves Her Personal Style Formula.

  • You will identify and understand your body silhouette.
  • Identify and understand Vertical Body Shape and Horizontal Body Shapes and how to use them.
  • Learn the unique design signatures of your body and how to enhance or camouflage them.
  • Discover how to simply your life with interior design strategies to look younger and slimmer.
  • Identify best hem lengths for your proportions.
  • Face shape analysis for hair styles, jewelry and accessory selection, necklines.
  • Identify your scale to choose your patterns and accessories and jewelry
  • Identify your best knock out styles.
  • Identify what to avoid and what to take home off the rack.
  • And much, much more.


Option 1: Normally $129 but Pay only $90 if you combine this service with any of my other services. Please register your interest on the contact form below and I’ll reply typically on the same day, or call/text me 0448 614648.

Option 2:  Complete your details on My Private Stylist and you will have access 24/7 to your personal style guide.

The price is $129 BUT TEXT  0448 614648 FIRST  and you will receive a Complimentary 20 minute Preliminary Style Consultation so I can assist you with any questions about shape and proportions and get the most out of your program. 

Option 3:  If you are purchasing for someone else as a Gift please Complete the form below and I will email you an invoice and payment details. On payment I will send you a licence key and a link.  I typically respond the same day.

Style Guide

Also available as a group class F2F or online. Save $$$ Ask me how in the form below!

Of course, you can always book a Complete Individual Style Consultation if you prefer a Total Transformational Style experience with a professional image consultant or view Services to select an Image Makeover Companion.

Do you have a man in your life who would like to be a Man of Style?


Once you have completed the program, which only takes a few minutes, you are able to access it from your mobile phone and take it with you shopping, anywhere, anytime.

DARE TO BE STYLISH?   I’m here to help.

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