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Why Is Image So Important

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Most men and women appreciate the value of creating a powerful first impression however, the effect often is greatly underestimated.

Your personal presentation including your communication skills, influence feedback and behaviour towards you, including: 

  • how much your salary is.
  • buying your product.
  • trusting you with confidential information.
  • allowing you access to decision makers.
  • complying with your requests.

Other people’s perception of you is strongly influenced by your appearance eg.

  • how intelligent you may be.
  • how financially successful you may be.
  • your suitability as a life partner.
  • how much authority and power you may have.
  • your trustworthiness.

FAST TRACK your Total Image Management to achieve a sound and lasting LAST impression and Skills For Life. 

The Investment is priceless, the consequences of complacency may be expensive.

Do you think your job, career advancement or personal relationships could benefit from:

• Coordinating an appropriate interview outfit for the job you are seeking?
• Help you with your accessories and eye wear?
• Business and Social Etiquette?
• Verbal and nonverbal communication skills to convey a consistent and cohesive message?


All Personal Image Services are designed to eliminate all the Confusion, Save you Thousands of $$ and give you skills for life, and potentially change your outcomes.

I will continue to provide personal and private sessions as always, virtually or at your dining table or my office.

I’m here to help.



Improve your behaviour and relationship skills and improve your chances of success.

Feel welcome to inquire about a Personal Image Assessment.

We can provide you with an objective and professional overview of your strengths and blind spots and lay the foundation to increase your income or enhance your relationships.